The Women & Circus initiative is a group of women who hope to further facilitate what circus does as an art form and a practice: build community, encourage personal growth, provide a language for self-expression and inspire creativity.

Meet the Women & Circus Team.

We will provide a hub for professionals, practitioners and enthusiasts to discuss and explore the ways that women engage with circus, and how the art form is enhanced by their contributions. These stories will provide a behind the scenes look at circus, and circus relative to other art forms and professions.


Over the next year we will publish interviews from a diverse group of outstanding women who each offer a unique story. You can expect to see perspectives from women who are involved in circus professionally or recreationally as performers, directors, producers, riggers and more.

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In addition to our regular blog entries, we have started an initial collection of resources for people interested in the topic of Women & Circus.

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Women & Circus: Jen Crane & CirquePhysio Part 2

Last month we recapped Jen Crane of CirquePhysio's blog posts related to the shoulder. We went through the basic outline of the muscle groups and their function, the circus lats - how to assess their flexibility and ...
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Women & Circus: Jen Crane & CirquePhysio Part 1

Last month, we interviewed Michele Frances, aerialist and PT, based in Austin, TX. She provided a video tutorial on hip anatomy and shared her perspective on aerial training as a coach and physical therapist. When ...
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Women & Circus: Michele Frances, Physical therapist and Aerial artist

Michele Frances is a multi-award winning professional aerial coach & performer, Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor, and strength training specialist. She has been coaching and performing aerial arts for over 12 years and currently resides ...
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Women & Circus: Canada’s Indigenous Communities

The state of Canada’s Indigenous communities, which make up vastly diverse peoples across the country, represent some of the most tragic and devastating parts of Canadian history. The government of Canada was responsible for the ...
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Women & Circus: Suzi Winson & Circus Warehouse, the melting pot of nice

Managing safety, egos and space. With the rapid growth in the recreational circus sector, studios must be competitive and find their niche while  students navigate their loyalties, and teachers and performers establish relationships and find ...
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Women & Circus – Nathalie Hébert: from Artist to Booking Agent & Circus Arts Administrator

Women & Circus sat down with Nathalie Hébert, booking agent for Cirque le Roux, Gynoïdes, and The Ricochet Project, to talk about what it is like to be a circus arts administrator and her perspective ...
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Women & Circus: Bouncing Back to Fitness After Breast Cancer by Lisa Furlong Jones

This is the first in a three part series on about Lisa’s journey as an extremely fit woman over 40, diagnosed with breast cancer.  My name’s Lisa and I’m about 3 months out from ...
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Women & Circus: Clowning with Sonia Norris

“I turned to clown because I didn’t know what else to do. I had to learn to bounce back, and I had to learn about resiliency. Clown is about resiliency and survival and bouncing back ...
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Women & Circus: Interview with Patti Miller at Aerial Animals

Women & Circus sat down to interview long time CN supporter Patti Miller at Aerial Animals, about what it’s like to manufacture equipment for circus arts. After five years of sailing around the world, Patti ...
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Women & Circus recaps the ‘Queer Circus’ panel from CCCF 2015

Does contemporary circus have the potential to nurture and rightfully represent ourselves onstage: Our bodies, sexual preferences, identities and communities? Will it be effective in breaking down gender divides and heteronormativity in ways that create ...
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Marie-Andrée Robitaille – Gynoïdes

Marie-Andrée Robitaille began her circus education in 1995 at the École de Danse de Québec and went on to graduate from the National Circus School in Montréal, Canada. She toured the world with the Swedish ...
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Steph Kehoe of Women’s Circus in Melbourne, Australia

Women’s Circus began in 1991 as a community arts project dedicated to using circus to work with survivors of violence in Melbourne, Australia. It has since expanded to include circus training, performance and outreach programs ...
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Entrepreneurs of Circus: Suzanne Kenney

Women & Circus interviewed Suzanne Kenney for the fourth article in our series, 'Entrepreneurs of Circus'. School: Pendulum Aerial Arts Location: Portland, Oregon Director: Suzanne Kenney Status: Not for Profit Students: 100 Women & Circus: ...
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Entrepreneurs of Circus: Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion

Elsie Smith & Serenity Smith Forchion share the spotlight for our third feature in the Women & Circus series 'Entrepreneurs of Circus'. School: New England Centre for Circus Arts (NECCA) Location: Brattleboro, VT Director: Serenity Smith Forchion (Executive ...
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Krin Haglund: One Woman, Many Talents

Krin Haglund is a keen multi-disciplinary artist—at home on the stage as a soloist; in the company of big-names like Cirque Éloize, 7 doigts de la main, and the infamous Soleil; or traveling an alternative ...
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Entrepreneurs of Circus: Shayna Swanson

Shayna Swanson is our second feature in the Women & Circus series 'Entrepreneurs of Circus'. Name: Shayna Swanson School: Aloft Loft Type of business: S-corp Number of students: 250 Location: Chicago, IL Women & Circus: ...
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Entrepreneurs of Circus: Aloysia Gavre

School: Cirque School LA Location: Los Angeles, CA Director: Aloysia Gavre Status: For-Profit Students: Approximately 600 per month Women & Circus: What do you think has contributed to the success of your circus school? Aloysia ...
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The Circus According to Cecil

The Circus According to Cecil is a new documentary which follows ringmaster and clown Cecil MacKinnon as she directs a performance with Circus Flora and the St.Louis Symphony Orchestra. Through Cecil’s experienced eyes, much is revealed ...
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Ladies of the Ring

Dr. Janet Davis, circus society expert and associate professor in the Department of American Studies at University of Texas Austin, chronicles the historical significance of the female big top performer as a durable champion of ...
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Stacy Clark: Talent Scout for Cirque du Soleil

For our inaugural interview, Women & Circus sat down with Stacy Clark, Talent Scout for Cirque du Soleil, to talk about her career, her experiences in circus, and how she sees the art form evolving ...
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