Action Team

  • Support from the Grassroots Level

    The Action Team consists of volunteers charged with implementing and managing a variety of tasks and projects, often with significant autonomy. Action Team positions are filled as needed by volunteers and others in our networks via a call for volunteers and a selection and on-boarding process. Members of the Action Team report either to a designated captain or Organizing Team leader. Want to join in on the fun??

    Application here

  • Katheryn Reed / CN Seattle Captain

    Katheryn has been a dancer all her life and someone once invited her to try acro balance, and she fell in love with it! She was enthralled with the feeling of being so in control of her body but at the same time so trusting someone else to fly her in the air and keep her […]


  • Carlos Alexis Cruz / Research Team Director

    Carlos Alexis Cruz is our Academic Editor, Circus Now’s liaison to the academic community. An Assistant Professor of Voice and Movement at UNC-Charlotte, he holds an MFA from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre where he studied a range of movement techniques. For his thesis project, Carlos developed a study on the convergence of circus and theater, during which he trained under the tutelage of Master Coach Lu Yi at the San Francisco Circus Center, specializing in the disciplines of aerial straps and acrobatic rope. He was a full-time company member of the Do Jump! Dance Theatre and Imago Theatre. Currently, he serves as the artistic director Pelú Theatre, dedicated telling socially-relevant urban stories, particularly through a Latino lens, through creative uses of commedia, circus, melodrama, and clowning.


  • Ariel Schmidtke / Research Team Editor

    Ariel has been a member of the Bellingham Circus Guild for several years with brief escapades to other cities for training. She has studied at SANCA and Versatile Arts in Seattle, The San Francisco Circus Center and Academie Fratellini in Paris. After spending a summer on tour with the New Old Time Chautauqua she decided to co-found the circus company Capistrano Circus, a small troupe that focuses on bringing small shows to underserved communities.


  • Ellen Burch / Allies & Map Coordinator

    Ellen Burch is the Allies & Map Coordinator for Circus Now, which involves maintaining and updating the Circus Now Ally pages and the US Circus Map. Ellen studied Communications and Russian in university but had been drawn to the circus arts for many years so after finishing her degree she ran away with the circus for six months. A few years ago, she moved to Toronto to work in fundraising for a contemporary theatre company. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys going for long walks to explore the city while listening to her favourite podcasts (This American Life, the Urbanist, and 99% Invisible) and has recently started learning Portuguese.


  • Jenna Lowery / Media

    Jenna Lowery is the Online Assistant for Circus Now and an avid lover of all things circus. A recent graduate of California State University, Fullerton where she studied film and anthropology, Jenna hopes to study the culture of circus in the United States as well as the lives that the circus has changed. When she’s not at circus or behind a camera, she enjoys a good coffee and a nice snuggle from a cat. She hopes to pursue a Masters in culture studies where she can further research the positive attributes of a world steeped in circus.