The contest is simple. Submit a photo to Circus Now when you see the Facebook prompt. We’ll post 5 finalists in an album on our Facebook page and give you a deadline to vote. The photo with the most likes before the deadline will be posted as the CN Facebook banner photo for the month.


Please fill out the form below to submit.

Don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself. Are you a performer? A fan? What do you dig about circus?

Photos can be submitted the first full week of the month. (We’ll announce dates on Facebook.)

One photo per person, per month please.



CN will choose 5 finalists and post them in an album on FB.

Voting takes place the second week of the month (we’ll announce dates on our FB).

The winner will be announced the morning after voting ends. Photos not named as finalists for a given month are eligible for later months.



5 finalists are chosen and posted on Facebook.

Vote for your favorite photo by liking it.

The photo with the most likes by the end of the voting period is the winner!



Winning photos will be posted as the CN Facebook banner photo for an entire month.

Additional promotional opportunities may be offered to finalists and winners.

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