Around the world, the circus is exploding at a pace unparalleled in history, reinvigorated by a burst of enthusiasm. Schools and companies are exploding in new cities. Venues are discovering circus shows and amateurs are discovering the joys of circus practice.

Circus Now works to bring these different circus communities together: artists, professionals, fans, academics — anybody who does or loves circus.

Specifically, we aim to support the evolution of the circus arts in the United States by:

  • Educating the public, media outlets, and arts venues on the diversity, sophistication, and potential of the circus arts today.
  • Producing events and leveraging social media to connect and inspire US circus artists and practitioners.
  • Nurturing the creation, production, and distribution of emerging quality circus

For the next three years, Circus Now will focus on pursuing its mission is by supporting today’s most promising, creative and skilled circus artists in developing, producing and performing circus arts across the USA.


Circus Now sees a day when circus arts occupies an equivalent space in the public mind to other performing arts and when, owing to the appeal and value of circus arts, the value and extent of performing arts in our society has grown. Specifically, Circus Now envisions:

Widespread public awareness of the diversity of contemporary circus. A general perception that circus isn’t static or past, but rich in potential as an art, a practice, and a tool for social good. This will include:

  • Universal access to creative circus performance. Circus festivals and theaters that program circus that challenges the form and finds new ways to connect to diverse audiences. Urban spaces that are specifically zoned for tents, even buildings dedicated entirely to circus performance. (Such as already exist in other countries.)
  • Institutional support for professional circus artists. Circus residences and creation spaces. Funding opportunities for circus shows and tours, including circus category — like dance, theater, and the visual arts — on grants and funding application. A critical appreciation of circus of the circus among the press and the ability to talk about it clearly.
  • Opportunities for circus professionals to convene and learn. Seminars, workshops, and colloquiums, online and in person, where circus artists and professionals can discuss the issues facing the field and have access to information and resources to better their skills. Integration of such discussions in national performing arts events and conferences.
  • Universal access to circus training for adults. Access to the benefits of circus training, for all adult populations. An understanding and acceptance of the benefits of circus practice on physical and mental health, and of its ability to bring communities together.
  • Educational integration of circus training and research. Professional circus training programs, and circus studies as a respected and rigorous academic discipline within universities

Overarching Goal

Circus Now will have achieved this vision when attendance at circus performances, awareness of the diversity of circus performance, participation in circus as a leisure activity and support for circus reach a comparable level to other performing arts disciplines across the USA.

Join the community. Help circus thrive.