CirCommons #3:

What is Circus Dramaturgy?

And how is it created, and by whom? What elements determine the dramaturgical structure of a circus? Thrill? Emotional arc? Narrative? Theme? Imagery?

the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical representation
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Issue #3 investigates the nature of circus dramaturgy – and we’d like to hear from you. Have you produced a circus performance? Was your creative process a curation of selected acts, or did a complex set of concerns determine the structure of the event? Have you crossed the boundaries between circus and theatre, or circus and dance? How did that determine the structure of the event?

We invite responses from across the community of circus-makers and circus-goers – and especially encourage contributions from circus directors, producers, historians, critics and performers.


Provocations Guidelines

In addition to considering open submissions on a wide range of topics, each month Circus Now’s Research Team posts questions and themes to get the conversation started. We invite you to submit responses – thoughts, notes, experiences, impressions – in short or long form: from 1 word, to 900!

Send your submission to: Ariel Schmidtke, General Editor,

Deadline: May 5, 2015