CirCommons #4: 

What Do We Teach – and Why?

The contemporary circus is in flux – and so is training. On the one hand, we are witnessing a proliferation of circus programs for children and adults, college students and professionals – not to mention the proliferation of fragments of circus arts in unexpected corners (silks for yoga in a Manhattan gym?). On the other hand, some members of our circus community have argued that we are simultaneously witnessing a “de-skilling” of the circus artist, and an increasing confusions as to the nature – and training – of circus arts.

Issue #4 will investigate the nature of training – where has it been, where is it going, and where should it go?

We invite submissions from teachers and program administrators across the full spectrum of circus training: What do you teach – to whom do you teach it – where do you teach it – and why do you teach it? We want to hear about your program, your aims, your curricula, your successes, your frustrations, your ambitions. Performers – tell us about your own training – how did you begin? Where did you train? What did you study? How long did you study? Is the training you had still available now – and should it be?


Provocations Guidelines

In addition to considering open submissions on a wide range of topics, each month Circus Now’s Research Team posts questions and themes to get the conversation started. We invite you to submit responses – thoughts, notes, experiences, impressions – in short or long form: from 1 word, to 900!

Send your submission to: Ariel Schmidtke, General Editor,

Deadline: June 15, 2015