Given the range of projects we take on here at Circus Now, there’s sometimes an impression that we’re some big organization, running the show out of some swanky office in Washington D.C. or Manhattan. Nothing could be further from the truth! Circus Now is completely volunteer driven! Our organizers, workshop leaders, editors, designers, project managers, web developers — everyone has volunteered their time and money to help make this organization a reality.Now, this fall, we’re trying to make the difficult leap from a volunteer movement into a sustainable force for change, an organization that can nourish and spread circus for decades. And we need your help! To develop our organizational infrastructure and continue to support our important projects, we need to raise $20,000 by November 20th, through our autumn “Help Circus Thrive” Drive.

We know this is lofty, but we believe that a unified national movement can encourage circus on a national scale, by coming together to fight the larger advocacy and organizing battles that we can’t fight alone.To support us, you can take part in the “Help Circus Thrive” drive by either becoming a member or donating:


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We literally wouldn’t be here without the members who have already supported us — the champions, partners, and supporters who came to support us early. (Please check them out, by clicking here.)

As a member, you’ll receive special benefits: discounts to our events and online store, access to our special members only newsletter and monthly circus-insider webinar; and special deals with partner networks, such as Fractured Atlas. But really the membership is for anyone who believes in circus, Circus Now, or the people involved.

It’s like becoming a member of PBS or your local NPR station. Click here to become a member!


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Of course you don’t have to become a member to help. All contributions are appreciated!

Donations will go directly to the essential task of helping us build our core infrastructure to make Circus Now a force for change, in the service of circus artists, practitioners, and fans around America. To donate, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Managing Director Adam Woolley, at

And stay tuned to our Facebook and our blog all this month for announcements and information about the drive, and about Circus Now. We’re going to be doing a series of posts about Circus Now, how we operate and about some exciting upcoming projects.

Sincerely, thanks for the support!