CirqueTheory:   Who Goes to the Circus- And Why?

  • What “types” of audiences does circus draw? Do circus-goers vary from region to region?

  • Is the audience for theatre and dance the same as for circus?

  • What does an audience anticipate when you call a show “circus?”

  • Have you ever presented work that challenged those expectations- and what kinds of reactions did you encounter?

  • Is there such a thing as circus “literacy?’ Is audience response to contemporary circus dependent upon what it already knows? Should that matter?

  • What- if anything- is unique about the ways the circus interacts with its audience?

  • Theatre-makers speak of “building new audiences.” Have you worked to develop a new audience base for the type of circus performances you make? What has that involved? Has it been successful? What obstacles have you encountered?


CirqueWords:   Traditional? Contemporary?

    • What is “traditional” circus?

    • Whose tradition is it?

    • When does the traditional start and end, and the “contemporary” begin? Where?

    • Oh no – what about “nouveau”?  Is it French?  Quebecois? Global?  Dead?

      Send your responses to ariel@circusnow.org by March 15th.