Circus Now is excited to announce its first collaborative community project: Aerial for Theaters 101, a series of educational materials to help performing arts presenters include aerial arts in their productions. The project is being spearheaded by Nicki Miller, director of the aerial theatre company Only Child, who proposed it to Circus Now via our Project Proposal form. Community Projects are crowdsourced projects that receive logistical support, volunteer support, and possibly even financial support. To learn more, GO HERE.

The goal of Aerial for Theaters 101 is to create a resource that gives presenters a basic understanding of circus and aerial work. We’re not interested in teaching them rigging; we’re interested in answering their basic questions about safety, about how to recognize circus professionals and treat them accordingly and about how rehearsals and insurance work. Our hope is that with a little basic information we can eliminate a lot of the mystery, and more theaters will feel comfortable presenting circus arts or helping emerging circus companies.

We think this resource could have a substantial effect on the American circus landscape, but we need your help to make it happen. Right now, we’re looking for folks experienced in animation, drawing, infographics or film editing to help make the information attractive and interesting to read. We’re also seeking collaborators with experience working with theaters to contribute feedback and help create content. The final product will exist in two forms: an online series of videos and a downloadable pdf with printed text and image.

If you’re interested in being involved with our first community project, please email Adam Woolley, the project coordinator, or comment below with questions. And of course feel free to forward this to any friends that might be interested. Thanks!