Circus Now is coming to the Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder Colorado with a series of professional development workshops!

For more information on the workshops, you can check out the ADF website HERE

Circus Now members at any level also get a 10% discount on classes at ADF! In order to access it, log in to your account and it will appear on this page right below this line. If you don’t have a CN membership yet, you can get one by going HERE.

**This discount doesn’t “stack” on top of any other discounts, so if you’re getting a bulk package this code won’t give you an additional 10%**

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Looks like you’re a Circus Now member! Thanks for your support, and the code for your 10% discount is:


Super original, right? To use it, just enter it into the mind body interface as you buy your classes. It doesn’t stack on top of the bulk packages ADF already offers. Have fun at the Aerial Dance Festival!