Between Dec 2012 and March 2013, we assembled a crew of volunteer organizers to realize an exciting vision: we wanted to bring the American circus community together.

With the help of Knopf Publishing, in conjunction with The Ordinary Acrobat, Duncan Wall’s book about the contemporary circus and circus history, we coordinated circus events in seven cities. Our goal: to demonstrate just how diverse, vibrant, and intelligent the contemporary American circus is today.

What a process and what a series. The speed with which the community came together, the amount of work that all our volunteers poured into the events– it was all astonishing and inspiring.

So we’d like to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone involved. You all made it happen, from the teenage stagehands in Seattle to Alice, our favorite seventy-two-year-old aerialist in Philadelphia.

Our hope is to harness the momentum generated during the events and convert Circus Now into a real American circus presence, a hub for circus action, news, and enthusiasm nationwide. So stay tuned! We’ll be announcing some big projects in the coming weeks.

For now, here are some exciting stats about the series:

Circus Now Live

  • CN events in 7 cities: NYC, Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Fran, & Seattle
  • 41 industry leaders presenting on contemporary circus topics
  • 25 local performers from more than 15 different companies
  • 30+ volunteers, organizing and staffing the events
  • 900+ total attendees

Circus Now Online

  • 1600+ likes on Facebook in two months
  • Facebook posts reached 25,000+ people
  • 1,000+ signatures on petition advocating for circus as an art

Also we encourage you to explore the programs for all the cities by clicking the links below. Check back soon for photos and video!

New York City / Thursday, March 7 / Program / Facebook Event 

Philadelphia / Saturday, March 9 / Program / Facebook Event 

Chicago / Monday, March 11 / Program / Facebook Event 

Minneapolis / Monday, March 18  / Program / Facebook Event 

St. Louis / Tuesday, March 19 / Program / Facebook Event 

San Francisco / Thursday, March 21 / Program / Facebook Event 

Seattle / Wednesday, March 27 / Program / Facebook Event 

Thanks again everybody! It was an amazing month. And it’s just the beginning.