August 8, 2014 – August 10, 2014 all-day
Fort Awesome
9710 North Carolina 194
Lansing, NC 28643
$45 - $85
Five Elements Festival

five-elementsLGThe inspiration for 5 Elements came from our desire to create a place to celebrate and practice the things we love….and we are bringing these disparate elements together to create a new experience that we hope will become a yearly event.

  1. YOGA: we freaking LOVE yoga- it is the practice which opens our minds and bodies to possiblity, to change, to growth. We are bringing some wonderfully inspiring instructors to guide you through this powerful weekend.
  1. HOOPING: and heck yes, we LOVE HOOPING and the FLOW ARTS: Poi, Staff, Wands, and Silks. We have found a distinct connection between Yoga and the Flow Arts, and wish to extend that connection to you. Whether you are new to Hooping or an experienced spinner, the classes and instructors at 5 Elements will help you grow your practice.
  1. MEDITATION: We believe that time meditating in nature can be deeply spiritual and rejuvenating. It’s one of the reasons we chose Fort Awesome for our 5 Elements location. Over the weekend you will find not only meditation classes but quiet meditation spaces, outfitted and designed for you to take the time you need for your mindfulness practice.
  1. MUSIC: What is a festival without music? Music frees us to dance, to play, to smile. Not only will we have musicians and Djs to play with, please FEEL FREE to bring your own music, your own instruments, to make music with.
  1. FIRE: Fire is both a destroyer and a creator. This mysterious, all-consuming element is both a beginning and an end. We celebrate and embrace Fire at 5 Elements through a ritual burn on Saturday night, as well as fire performance instruction with qualified instructors under strict safety guidelines. If you are new to the flame, don’t worry- we’re here to guide you through.