One of the goals of Circus Now is to harness the diverse skills and interests of the community to realize projects that support the community as a whole. We know everyone has amazing ideas, and sometimes just needs a little help getting started or getting support, and that’s what CN community projects are all about. We’re open to all sorts of ideas; see below for some of our thoughts on projects we would love to see someone spearhead and the ways we can help make it happen.

Support Circus Now can offer

  • Volunteers ¬†from our Action Team
  • Planning assistance (creating timelines , budgets, etc.)
  • Fundraising/marketing through our national channels
  • Facilitating connections with other organizations
  • Connections with academia
  • Organizing discussions, panels, etc.

Possible Project types

  • Circus festivals and gatherings
  • Creating educational materials (posters, safety notices, handbooks)
  • Projects related to documenting circus history
  • Interviews or access to circus companies or stars
  • Professional development education

Note: We don’t currently have the ability to support projects financially or as a fiscal sponsor, though we hope this will change in the future.

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Project Proposal Form

Fill out the form , and we’ll get back to you once we’ve reviewed it.

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Here's the fun part! You can propose any dream project you would like to see done for the community. Include as much or as little detail as you like or can; if we think your idea is appropriate for Circus Now we'll contact you and help you create a timeline, budget, all the other logistical things that will help make it happen.
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How much time would you be willing to contribute to this project and what role do you see yourself playing?
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As of now, only Pro level members can propose projects. You can GO HERE to upgrade your account.