How much does a CN@MCC Pass cost?

$100, with (steep) discounts for CN members. (Hint, hint: Become a member!)

What does a CN@MCC Pass get me at the festival?

The CN Pass gets you access to CN events listed in the CN@MCC2 schedule, not including shows.

Are show tickets included?

Unfortunately not. But it will make you eligible for discounted tickets. Click here for information on how to purchase.

Is housing and food included in the CN pass?

Nope, but we’ve arranged for a few discounted housing options. Click here for details. We’ll also work to make food available at all specified times in the schedule, either at a restaurant or through catering. All catered meals will be less than $10, and vegetarian friendly.

How do I get to Montreal?

We’re encouraging people to post rideshare opportunities through our “Rideshare Event” on our Facebook page. Click here for other details on transportation to and in Montreal.

Am I obligated to come to all the CN events?

We’re all adults here. Feel free to run off and enjoy the city. Besides the circus festival, the African music festival and Just for Laughs, the renowned comedy festival will be going on.

Can I bring my child?

So maybe we’re not all adults — yep, feel free to bring your kids, but pay attention to the show warnings, because not all of them will be kid friendly. Also, understand that the events are geared toward adults.

Why is CN doing all this?

Because we’re circus junkies and really wish somebody would have done it for us a long time ago. And because last year was so much freaking fun.

More questions? Feel free to write Ariel Schmitdke, our CN@MCC infomaster, at