The VulcanThe Vulcan is a cluster of seven live-in circus studios located in an old smelting plant in east Oakland, California, USA – just across the water from San Francisco. The Vulcan is home to a rotating population of 20-30 circus artists and possibly the largest cohabitating concentration of circus artists in North America. It is also the hub of the San Francisco Bay Area’s large population of object manipulators; since no other circus schools in the Bay Area offer manipulation classes, the solution for the Bay’s population of jugglers, hoopers, and fire spinners is to make regular attendance at one of the Vulcan’s two weekly open practices or to track down its veteran teachers for private lessons. FireDrums, one of the biggest manipulation festivals in the world, is largely organized at the Vulcan, and it tends to host a large collection of domestically and internationally touring circus performers throughout the year (peaking during the summer festival season).