The Imperial OPA Circus is a theatrical entertainment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Circus was founded October of 2009 with the motto: Inspire, Create, and Do Good. OPA!

Described as “Astounding and Sensational”, The Imperial OPA is unlike traditional circuses. With a combination of narrative story telling, stage and street performances, live music, and a menagerie of over-sized puppet animals, creatures and costumes, every show is unique experience. With a contemporary circus approach, The Imperial OPA presents itself as a family of “gypsy performers and musicians” with cabaret influences and Vaudevillian style acts. These acts include, but aren’t limited to:

Aerialist acts including Spanish Web, Silks, Lyra, Corde Lisse, and Trapeze artists.

Giant animal puppets and other creatures.
Contortionist and bodystacking routines (2 to 8 person combinations).
Fire performers including Fire Poi, Rope Darts, Torch Juggling, and Fire Eating.

Bellydancers and dance routines.
Jugglers and an endless supply of comedic acts.
and more!

The Imperial OPA’s costumes are act/show specific but keep to an overall color theme of bright red, black and white, with all performers in face makeup as well.

Like all circuses, The OPA is on a constant search for new performers and groups to join their ever evolving family. The Imperial OPA presents shows that include both “company” and “guest” acts, giving new performers a chance to practice and refine their acts, while maintaining a high level of performance quality from our full-time cast members, many of which are involved in several routines.

The OPA’s Production/Creation crew is comprised of several of Atlanta’s most talented artists, sculptors, puppet makers and puppeteers. Always striving for visually unique and approachable puppets and props, The Opa Production crew takes pride in producing innovative and exciting stage designs, creatures, and magic.

The circus is also blessed to have their own seven-piece Imperial OPA Band. The OPA Band provides one of the most characteristic elements to the circus. Filling the stage with the sounds of accordions, violins, percussion, guitar, sousaphones and saxophones, the band’s exciting melodies and dynamic rhythms complete The Imperial OPA’s theatrical experience. Audiences are truly swept away and encouraged to clap, laugh and be awed.

From self-produced circus productions to corporate bookings and international performances, The Imperial OPA features exciting and approachable performance styles, combined with unique and artistic puppetry and musical wonderment makes us one of Atlanta’s most diverse and entertaining circus troupes.

Excitement, entertainment and uncommon people doing wondrous things!
This is The Imperial OPA Circus—creative entertainment to enchant, dazzle, and amaze!