The spirit of Chautauqua, the variety of vaudeville: The Give and Take Jugglers Show will surprise and please you. It has impressive juggling, comedy, and lots of audience involvement. We use an antique calliope, traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and live music to create a lively and wholesome show that feels fresh and contemporary. We appeal to a wide range of ages: children, adults, (and even most teenagers).

We are primarily entertainers, but in our school assembly we can highlight the importance of character traits, teamwork, learning from mistakes, and the contributions of different cultures. Our corporate presentation can illuminate concepts such as motivation, innovation, risk assessment, and strategic thinking. But again, the emphasis is on entertainment.

We think about the needs and nature of each audience and occasion, and make adjustments in content and costume. We are always appropriate, and never offensive.

The bright and cheerful voice of our well-tempered calliope reminds some of a small circus they loved in Europe, or a hurdy gurdy played on a street corner from their childhood.