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The GasLight Circus is an urban circus troupe based in Phoenix dedicated to revitalizing and innovating Vaudeville performance in Arizona while giving back to the local community.

GLC is a relatively young group, but what they lack in age they more than make up for in dedication. Founder Jero “the Jester” Keenom, banded the group of enthusiastic and experienced performers together in 2015 to bring his vision of classical circus arts combined with modern theater to life. Keenom’s goal was to shrug off the conventional variety style and create shows rooted with amazing circus acts and embellished with well-written narrative stories. Even further, he wanted to do so while help the local performing arts community as well.

One of GasLight’s core values as a company is to provide undiscovered artists with an opportunity to “break out.” GLC deliberately looks to recruit young performers struggling to get a foot in the door and offer them their first professional gigs to get a taste of stage life. The production team at GasLight cares deeply about circus outreach and it shows in the success and passion of their dedicated cast!

The GasLight Circus operates out of the Alwun House in downtown Phoenix (1204 E Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ).