Sigfrido Aguilar - Research Studio of Pantomime Theater
Master teacher, Sigfrido Aguilar founded the Research Studio of Pantomime Theater in 1972.

Sigfrido’s theatrical journey of more than 4 decades has evolved into a methodology regarding the creation, direction and teaching of the Art of Comic Physical Theatre.  His distinct method for creating physical theater, Pantomime-Theatre, is a playful, organic process. Each individual performer can integrate it with their own experience, achieving a unique comic sense and style. Improvisation and analysis provide the practical understanding needed in order to apply this style of performance. By expanding the tools of expression and by developing the agility of acting from form into content, the performing artist discovers a personal method for physical theater capable of presenting any subject matter.

The method in itself is an interdisciplinary form accessing all performing arts while combining multiple genres from Popular Physical Theatre.