Grace Ramsey
I am a freelance aerialist based in Denver, Colorado. I have been performing and coaching for three years and I specialize in the aerial fabric. Always eager to collaborate, I am involved all over the rich Denver circus scene – from photography to three-ring circuses to raves, I’ve performed with such acts as Random Rab, ATB, Krewella, the George Carden Shrine Circus, and this May I will be featured entertainment at the Indy 500. Also passionate about Trance music, I tend to gravitate toward EDM and nightclub gigs. I’ve had residencies at such venues as the Church Nightclub and the Oriental Theater. I’m also an aerial coach offering workshops, private lessons, and I have a teaching residency at Miraas Aerial in Englewood, where I teach group lessons weekly. I’m wildly passionate about aerial, and I have been since I was sixteen years old. I never expected to be any good, let alone a professional performer! Now that I have that position, I want to bring aerial to the masses. We are teetering on the edge of the mainstream, and I feel it is up to those of us currently in the scene to set a standard for new students and performers to aspire to. I want to be able to show the American public that cirque nouveau is a highly demanding and difficult art; something worthy of admiration like the vast and varied art of dance.

I’m involved with a few troupes around Denver, however I hope I can contribute something of my own – I am currently writing my own cirque nouveau show that I hope to get state funding for so I can bring the best circus talent of Denver into a sleek, well-told story that shines in the limelight where it belongs. I’m excited and honored to help put the Denver circus scene on the map.