Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance
Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance has been pushing the envelope of aerial dance for 27 years. We are located at 3022 E. Sterling Cir., #150, Boulder, CO 80301.

Frequent Flyers’ mission is to create and promote the magic of aerial dance through education and performances.

As a non-profit, Frequent Flyers’ programs are supported by individual donors, grants from government and foundations, classes, ticket sales, and fund raising events / campaigns.

In 1999, FFP started the first Aerial Dance Festival, the only one of its kind in the world, putting FFP as the leader in promoting the art form of aerial dance.  Now entering the 17th year, the international Aerial Dance Festival, reaches 1,200 people each year during 2 weeks with classes, workshops, and performances.

FFP’s critically acclaimed performances have reached over 160,000 people since the company’s inception.

FFPs classes for the community have reached over 15,000 people since the company’s inception.

Kids Who Fly classes for at-risk youth have inspired 2,745 kids to view their world through art and joy rather than fear or violence, since the program’s inception. We are on location at a number of schools in the Denver/Boulder area. We also work with a variety of social service agencies and other schools on-site at our studio.

FFP reaches nearly 500 youth each year from area schools with lecture- demonstrations.

FFPs Aerial Sci-Arts program teaches physics and the trapeze classes to middle and high school students. Since the program’s inception, we have reached over 1,200 youth. This program is unique in all of the U.S.

FFP opened the Aerial Dance Studio, a dedicated rehearsal and class space, in January 2010. Class offerings increased from 3 per week to 21 per week and enrollment skyrocketed as a result. FFP also created the Student Company for ages 8-88 and launched the Professional Training Program as a 9-month intensive.  Students in the MFA Dance program at CU Boulder can also graduate with an Aerial Track as part of their degree. This is the first of its kind in the U.S. and made possible by Frequent Flyers®. The Professional Training Program is also the only one in the U.S. that is approved by the State Dept. of Higher Education, Division of Occupational Schools. Artistic Director, Nancy Smith, co-authored the book, Aerial Dance, the first book on this art form, published in June, 2008, by Human Kinetics.