Photo credit: Christopher Smith

Photo credit: Christopher Smith

Erinina Marie Ness is a professional Austin and New York based performance artist.  Her specialties include static trapeze, dancetrapeze, silks and burlesque trapeze.  Think Cirque combined with Performance Art, Burlesque and Teatro Fisico, occasionally combined with Fire or Video Projection.  She brings a strong background in physical theatre and movement to her work, creating quirky characters and stories, often with multimedia components. For an example of the diversity of her acts, she is currently working on a one woman multimedia (including aerials) show about Occupy Wall Street, a Robot to Cyborg aerial striptease, and expanding her Charlie Chaplin on aerials repertoire.

Additionally, Erinina is the inventor of the Fire Trapeze.  Unlike other acts you may have seen, she’s invented and is patenting an apparatus in which the very ropes that hold her in the air light on fire! Really!

Yes, it is dangerous.  So, why did she build it?  Why does she do it?  Besides, that its awesome, of course.

She had a dream about it in Peru and thought, “how amazing? How death defying?  If Circus exists to give us hope, to make us marvel, to think: if that’s possible, anything is possible!  Then, I’m in.”

And what is more awe inspiring than a girl on her trapeze, sharing her passion and talents, invoking laughter, provoking thought with movement, a girl that dances even as the ropes of her apparatus burn?

Oh, and she survives.

That’s a nice metaphor for our current world, no?