Circus of the Elements
Circus of the Elements is a DreamMaker Project of The Ink People. We put on fire and non-fire performances in the Humboldt Community. We hope to uplift and inspire others while growing ourselves with our amazing and unique community. Circus of the Elements uses multi dimensional, performance styles, to express our connection to the elements. Our main forms of expression come through fire dance, fire art and aerial.

We produce shows that involve all aspects of our local community.Through fundraising we have been able to spice up other non-profit and charitable events at very little to no cost for them. We have participated in local fundraising and community awareness projects for many different and diverse groups.We produce Fire Fusion 420 at the Mateel Hall in Redway, CA to fundraise for the year.

We support the arts community and perform at Trinidad Art Nights, every first Friday from May-October, check out Many of us teach and share our talents, keep up with our page for updates on classes, performances and productions!