Mission Statement: Circus Mojo’s mission is to teach and present the circus arts with a fresh perspective and encourage everyone to express their unique mojo: talent, zeal, confidence, drive and spirit.

Vision Statement: Circus Mojo’s goal is to create sustainable circus programs in new, non-traditional markets that serve disabled youth and adults, youth in detention, as well as  in established, traditional markets that include youth summer camp, corporate team-building, and full scale circus productions. These programs  employ both end-of-career circus performers and young apprentices learning this work.

Circus Mojo is a youth and adult circus arts program where physical skills coalesce with creative expression such as improvisation, character development, and group performance. In this multi-dimensional program that combines artistry with athleticism, students can conquer doubt and learn a varied skill set in a collaborative, non-competitive environment.

Founder, Paul Hallinan Miller has toured the world performing everywhere from hot spring resorts in Japan, to operating rooms in Israel, to under the big top in Germany. In 1996 he dropped out of college to tour as a clown with the Greatest Show on Earth. He returned to college to earn a degree in theatre from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory Of Music (CCM) in ’98 and is now an adjunct faculty member at CCM teaching Theatre Movement/Circus Skills. In 2001, Miller founded CircEsteem in Chicago and many of his students have seen tremendous opportunities via Social Circus. An experiential learner, Miller has developed three distinct businesses, or ‘rings’, all related to the circus: Entertainment, Education, and Community Health.