Circus Minimus
Circus Minimus was founded by Kevin O’Keefe in 1985 when he found a small suitcase outside his apartment in NYC and decided to fill it and travel the world with his One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase.

The Circus Kids Create is an artist-in-residence program that tours the country. Kevin directs a staff of talented circus professionals and together with 30-700 students they create a community-based circus in 2-4 weeks. The Circus Kids Create is sponsored by local non- profit organizations such as school, museums, theaters or communities. The Circus Kids Create gives every student and collaborator a “moment in the sun.”

The One-Man Circus in-a-Suitcase performs in schools and for the public around the world. From one small suitcase an entire circus emerges: there is Steve Fitzpatrick -a boisterous ringmaster, Mervin Merkle-an officious head usher, the incredible Senor Bumblini & Family, Clyde Zerbini-The Magician to the Stars, Keefer -a runaway, and the Circus Minimus Sideshow. However, the most important performers come from the audience. Each performance becomes a dialogue, a light-hearted collaboration between the characters and the audience.

During the school year Circus Minimus custom designs and collaborates with schools for a variety of Integrated Curricula that let students runaway to join the circus without having to leave school. That creative experience is integrated into a rigorous academic curriculum which teachers, parents and administrators demand.

Original Collaborations include Circus Poeticus, Circus Around the Globe, Circus Musicus, Circus Articus, The Peace Circus, & Shakespeare’s Clowns.

Kevin and his wife Erin Maile created the practice and community of CircusYoga for the Whole Family and AYCO (the American Youth Circus Organziation).