Circus Bella
Circus Bella is an open air, one-ring circus featuring contemporary, high-level acts set to an original score performed by live musicians. David Hunt and Abigail Munn created Circus Bella in the spring of 2008 to respond to a shared dream for accessible and high quality circus in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together, with band director / composer, Rob Reich, they assembled themselves into an ensemble company of 9 performing artists and a quartet of musicians. That fall, Circus Bella performed three dates in San Francisco. The success of these performances gave the company the steam and encouragement to press on.

In 2009, Circus Bella expanded its company and created, DOINK!, its first 60-minute production. DOINK! premiered in May at Yerba Buena Gardens and went on to show at five other outdoor public locations in Oakland and San Francisco. This momentum continued through 2010 with GOTCHA! Circus in the Parks has become Circus Bella’s principal annual project. Along the way, CB continues to grow its organization and vision to contribute to the preservation and development of the one ring circus in the United States.

Our mission is to create a one-ring circus that uplifts diverse audiences, engages community, and challenges its artists. We put homegrown circus back into the ring, creating productions that are accessible, festive, and inspiring. The company operates as a director led ensemble that strives to uphold leadership practices that maintain business, creative, and interpersonal integrity. Circus Bella values the work of its artists and believes this should be reflected in respect and monetary compensation. Circus Bella values the public, our audience, as the ultimate reason for why we exist.

Our outdoor show, adaptable for the stage, comes complete with a 32’ ring tarp and ring curb, back drop, sound system and rigging. When appropriate and able, we expand our company with other performing artists. Our productions can be adapted to short 20 – 30 minute or full-length, 60-90 minute shows. Perfect for fairs, festivals, and fundraisers. Ask us how Circus Bella can earn your organization money!!!

We can also provide individual and ensemble performers for special events!

We invite you to contact us to learn more. We strongly believe in working closely with our hosts in a partnership to create beautiful events that will impress upon memories for years to come. Let us work with you to bring dreams to reality.