Carpetbag Brigade

Distinctive for breadth and synthesis of diverse performance modalities The Carpetbag Brigade creates versatile spectacle-based outdoor performances and intimate indoor self-devised performances. Acrobatic stiltwalking, butoh dance, contact improvisation, musical composition and physical theater form the basis of their aesthetic approach.

True pioneers at the art of acrobatic stiltwalking – The Carpetbag Brigade masters a unique theatrical language in the delicate overlap of theater, dance and circus. Rising with beauty, falling with grace and conjuring ephemeral magic with the movement and action of their powerful bodies, the performers emanate and pulse like the sea at twilight. Balancing intensely raw and precarious physical expression with sublime dramatic imagery, a Carpetbag Brigade performance fosters a sense of psychic intimacy, poetic dialogue, and mythic imagery indoors or outdoors and excels in a full spectrum of venues: proscenium theaters, soccer fields, parking lots, city parks, side streets, rock concerts or black boxes.

An integrative cultural force with a mission to present work in a diverse array of venues and environments The Carpetbag Brigade increases the quality, scope and impact of live performance culture through performer training, community outreach and aesthetic presentation. Our platform engages people of differing cultural backgrounds to share, create, express and reflect on common experiences. By utilizing performance art and its pedagogy as a tool to transcend language, class, and environmental background The Carpetbag Brigade aspires to evolve the role of performance culture and ensemble practice as a fundamental aspect of a healthy society.