BAM Academy
BAM Academy™ is the movement and fitness facility you’ve always wanted but you didn’t know it, yet. What was once a 7500 sq. ft. parkour gymnasium in North Austin, has grown to expand into a second 26,000 sq. ft. South Austin facility suited to fit every mover’s needs. We specialize in FUN based fitness through Parkour, Ballistic Movements, Stunt Training, Dance, Gymnastics, and Circus programs. With experienced coaches in each discipline, students can expect to experience movement in a fun, safe facility dedicated to these disciplines. Furthermore, BAM Academy™ is proud to host BAM’s Performing Arts Center, a 5000 sq. ft. theater located in our South facility. There is no other facility that offers such a wide array of programs like this in Texas.


North Austin Location: 8222 North Lamar Blvd. Suite F51-54, Austin, TX 78533

South Austin Location: 113 Industrial Blvd, C-1, Austin, TX 78745