2 Defy Gravity
2 Defy Gravity: Aerial Arts and Body Balancing is a duet of performers based out of Minneapolis, MN. We bring strength and beauty together with danger and awe in a way most people only dream to experience. Combining the circus arts of tissu, lyre, and acrobalancing, with dance and aerial dance, we are a great addition to your next event or party. The two of us contort and balance on the ground as two continually evolving human sculptures and in air as a pair of weightless dancers.

2 Defy Gravity is a circus based performance group that started in St. Paul, MN. For over 5 years, we (Cade and Marissa) have been collaborating with our varied talents to create performance art. Our primary focus in 2 Defy Gravity has been the circus arts, but we have been expanding those boundaries and blending different art forms.

Our talents include, but are not limited to, aerial tissu, lyre, trapeze, acrobalancing, dancing, and others. In the past we have collaborated or worked with different people in our performance including: Risa Cohen, Brant Kingman, Kara Lovemelt, Funtime Functions, Blue Phoenix Troupe, and others.

We have had the opportunities to perform at large venues such as the Fitzgerald Theater, the Minneapolis Depot, the Minneapolis Convention Center, and others as mainstage acts.

We have also contributed our talents to perform for birthdays, weddings, private parties, and nightclubs as both mainstage and ambient additions to enhance peoples’ experiences and generate a lot of buzz about the event!