Social Circus

  • When in the Bay Area, our artists and educators at Circus of Smiles spread comedy and clowning through after school programs and by bringing circus to large scale events. A percentage of each student’s tuition goes directly towards supporting our outreach efforts. When abroad, our team offers international classes and performances at no cost to those who need smiles the most.

  • The Circus Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which utilizes the unique power of circus arts to transcend social barriers and inspire personal transformation. Our programming consists of cutting-edge, contemporary circus productions featuring internationally renowned performers, classes and workshops which advance the field of circus arts by training a new generation of innovative artists, and training programs for homeless and other at-risk that utilize circus arts to teach critical life skills.

  • Since its founding in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa, The Zip Zap School of Circus Arts for Social Change has used the magic of circus to inspire young people and help build a new culture of peaceful coexistence in South Africa. Working with a diverse community of children from all backgrounds, Zip Zap’s programs help kids “Dare to Dream” and learn to make those dreams a reality. Zip Zap programs are always free to the participants.

  • It is Wise Fool New Mexico’s mission to ignite imagination, build community, and promote social justice through performances and hands-on experiences in the arts of circus, puppetry, and theatre.

  • Circus Harmony teaches the art of life through circus education. We work to build character and expand community for youth of all ages, cultures, abilities and backgrounds. Through teaching and performance of circus skills, we help people defy gravity, soar with confidence, and leap over social barriers, all at the same time.

  • THE POINT CDC brings the circus to the South Bronx through one-of-a-kind Cirque du Monde social circus workshops and live circus performances.