• Apex Aerial Arts offers a wide range of Aerial Yoga, Aerial Dance, and Aerial Technique classes with a foundation in dance, somatics, and yoga fundamentals. Our students build their strength, flexibility, and body awareness while developing solid performance skills. Apex Aerial Arts offers students the highest quality instruction from the best professional aerialists in Seattle. […]

  • IMPulse Circus Collective is a professional contemporary circus company based in Seattle, WA.  A resident company at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, IMPulse created their first full length show in 2013 and will be debuting their second show in the summer of 2014. Collective members perform a variety of disciplines including Acrobatics, […]

  • The Acrobatic Conundrum is a contemporary circus company dedicated to creating performance experiences that engage and amaze audiences. Conundrum shows feature moments of absurd and intimate humanity. The artists of the Acrobatic Conundrum tell their stories as individuals as well as take physical risks live onstage. As a company, we are dedicated to a vision of human courage, connection, and collaboration.

  • Versatile Arts was established in early 2007 as Seattle’s first full-time school dedicated to aerial arts for adults. Our mission is to provide a creative, safe, supportive environment in which aerialists of all levels can learn, train, perform and be inspired.

  • The School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts (SANCA) believes that participation in a regular activity is an important component of human development. Mastery of physical skills builds self- esteem, while consistent interaction with staff and other students fosters cooperation, trust and develops social skills.