San Francisco

  • Distinctive for breadth and synthesis of diverse performance modalities The Carpetbag Brigade creates versatile spectacle-based outdoor performances and intimate indoor self-devised performances.

  • Circus Moves and the Mobile Circus Unit bring circus arts education programming and entertainment to all ages in virtually any venue. 

  • The Vulcan is a cluster of seven live-in circus studios located in an old smelting plant in east Oakland, California, USA – just across the water from San Francisco. The Vulcan is home to a rotating population of 20-30 circus artists and possibly the largest cohabitating concentration of circus artists in North America.

  • The Mission of Circus Center is to inspire passion for circus arts through training, performance, and community outreach.

  • Rasa Vitalia is an award-winning dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist and one of America’s most highly regarded solo entertainers. She tours as a professional solo dance performer and MC vocal artist, performing to her own songs in live music venues, concerts, clubs, discos, performance art, variety, circus, burlesque shows,  cabarets, and much more.

  • Athletic PlayGround brightens up the East Bay with creative and fun group classes and a community-oriented, dynamic playspace. Offering Parkour, Aerials, AcroYoga, Hooping, Monkey Conditioning, Handstands, Acrobatics, Open Play, and more!