• Founded in 2000, Pendulum Aerial Arts is a nonprofit organization located in Portland, OR with a mission to develop character and community through transformative aerial performance and training.

  • Circus Cascadia provides the best circus ¬†workshops in the NW and we have 20 yrs experience in teaching and performing shows and walk-about in Portland OR.

  • PegStilts.com offers wood strap-on style circus stilts for kids and adults, stilt walking lessons and workshops, and also offers unique and custom puppets, creatures, and other art.¬† Everything is woman veteran handmade in Portland, Oregon USA since 2008.

  • Flamebuoyant Productions presents circus-style entertainment suitable for any size group or venue. Founded in 2005 from a need to play with fire, walk on stilts, fly through the air and share the love of movement arts, Flamebuoyant Productions is based in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, USA, but can travel just about anywhere. We offer innovative, exciting performances, comprehensive lessons and safe, attractive and high quality products.

  • The Circus Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which utilizes the unique power of circus arts to transcend social barriers and inspire personal transformation. Our programming consists of cutting-edge, contemporary circus productions featuring internationally renowned performers, classes and workshops which advance the field of circus arts by training a new generation of innovative artists, and training programs for homeless and other at-risk that utilize circus arts to teach critical life skills.