Physical Theatre

  • The mission of the Movement Theater Studio is to create a home for the teachings of Jacques Lecoq in New York.

  • The Incredible Incredible is physical theatre duo Matthew “Poki” McCorkle (co-founder of award winning theatre company Button Wagon) and Justin Therrien (world record holder for: Longest string passed through nose and mouth in one minute). Since its inception in 2013, The Incredible Incredible has performed at CircusFest Vancouver, Madskillz Festival, The Humboldt Juggling Festival. Their […]

  • Kali Quinn is a facilitator of creative discovery, innovative storytelling, and physical play and has coached several circus performers on the creation of new work throughout the US. She is based in Providence, RI where she teaches clown, mask, and devising in the Brown/Trinity Rep Program & works as Stateside Faculty for Accademia dell’Arte (Arezzo, Italy).

  • Stefan Haves has worked with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL since 2006 as a Comic Act Designer collaborating within two Creation Teams and has been hired to punch up existing comic acts and character tracks. He is a Casting Partner specializing in Clowns and Characters: North America and a Master Teacher with Cirque Resident Companies and Universities nation-wide.

  • The Actors Gymnasium is a non-profit circus and performing arts organization dedicated to bringing a new physicality to the American Theatre.

  • Master teacher, Sigfrido Aguilar founded the Research Studio of Pantomime Theater in 1972. His distinct method for creating physical theater, Pantomime-Theatre, is a playful, organic process. Each individual performer can integrate it with their own experience, achieving a unique comic sense and style.