Object Manipulation

  • Cirquecamp is a yearly transformational gathering of the cirque, flow, fire and spin arts communities to learn, connect and participate in beginner to advanced workshops and discussions to expand skills and exposure to multiple movement/flow arts forms including yoga and fusion dance styles.

  • The Vulcan is a cluster of seven live-in circus studios located in an old smelting plant in east Oakland, California, USA – just across the water from San Francisco. The Vulcan is home to a rotating population of 20-30 circus artists and possibly the largest cohabitating concentration of circus artists in North America.

  • PegStilts.com offers wood strap-on style circus stilts for kids and adults, stilt walking lessons and workshops, and also offers unique and custom puppets, creatures, and other art.  Everything is woman veteran handmade in Portland, Oregon USA since 2008.

  • Arik is a circus performer who has performed with a variety of troupes including Cirque du K, Circus Mojo, Environmental Encroachment, Dr. Degauss’ Circus Calamitus and Ballyhoo Bizarre, The Salida Circus, and Hathor’s Flame.

  • Runway Studios, run by Ryan Mellors and Remy Holwick, is a studio specializing in object manipulation.  We offer courses in modern manipulation and juggling for balls, rings, hoops, and more, as well as provide training space to the LA area.