• Xelias Aerial Arts recognizes each individual’s raw talent and uses it as a base to build confidence, courage and strength through circus training. Through the teaching and performing of circus arts, we help students develop the life skills of teamwork, discipline, perseverance and artistic athleticism. In doing so, we nurture students and keep the integrity and appreciation for the circus arts alive.

  • Our founders Lloyd Brant and Rosie Cole have traveled to the far side of the globe as Theatre of Fools to perform their off-balanced absurd theatrics. Our belief is that the purpose of the clown’s art is to heal us from the pain of our own human failings. Our mission is to serve this purpose.

  • 2 Defy Gravity: Aerial Arts and Body Balancing is a duet of performers based out of Minneapolis, MN. We bring strength and beauty together with danger and awe in a way most people only dream to experience.

  • TigerLion Arts is a Minneapolis-based production company. We celebrate human wisdom and the spirit of nature through creative works that awaken, inform, and delight.

  • Circus Juventas is a performing arts youth circus school located in St. Paul, Minnesota and serving the Twin Cities metro area. We offer youth circus arts training and performance opportunities for children and youth ages 3 to 21 in a safe and noncompetitive environment. While encouraging and helping to develop individual strengths and abilities, the professional staff at Circus Juventas gives every child the opportunity to be in the spotlight.