• The Vulcan is a cluster of seven live-in circus studios located in an old smelting plant in east Oakland, California, USA – just across the water from San Francisco. The Vulcan is home to a rotating population of 20-30 circus artists and possibly the largest cohabitating concentration of circus artists in North America.

  • Johnson City Circus Arts provides classes in aerial silks, and juggling for all levels.

  • Runway Studios, run by Ryan Mellors and Remy Holwick, is a studio specializing in object manipulation.  We offer courses in modern manipulation and juggling for balls, rings, hoops, and more, as well as provide training space to the LA area.

  • The National Prestigious Society of Collegiate Jugglers (NPSCJ) is the official juggling club of St. Louis. Our mission is to expose the art of juggling to Washington University and the rest of St. Louis. You can usually find us practicing around campus, performing at various WU events, and accomplishing magnificent feats of dexterity and talent.

  • The spirit of Chautauqua, the variety of vaudeville: The Give and Take Jugglers Show will surprise and please you. It has impressive juggling, comedy, and lots of audience involvement. We use an antique calliope, traditions from vaudeville, circus arts, theater, and live music to create a lively and wholesome show that feels fresh and contemporary.

  • Aerial Arts NYC is Manhattan’s new training center for aerial and circus arts. We provide professional instruction for adults and children, both on the ground and in the air, at all levels of skill and in a warm, friendly atmosphere.