Individual Artist

  • Rasa Vitalia is an award-winning dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist and one of America’s most highly regarded solo entertainers. She tours as a professional solo dance performer and MC vocal artist, performing to her own songs in live music venues, concerts, clubs, discos, performance art, variety, circus, burlesque shows,  cabarets, and much more.

  • Mick Holsbeke is a clown with a ferocious appetite for the ridiculous! His circus expertise, exuberant physical acting, and new perspective on clowning was developed at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle, and further deepened in the three year professional program at the prestigious l’École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal.

  • Julia Langenberg has performed professionally across Texas and the US as an aerialist, dancer, singer, teacher, and choreographer.

  • I am a freelance aerialist based in Denver, Colorado. I have been performing and coaching for three years and I specialize in the aerial fabric. Always eager to collaborate, I am involved all over the rich Denver circus scene – from photography to three-ring circuses to raves, I’ve performed with such acts as Random Rab, ATB, Krewella, the George Carden Shrine Circus, and this May I will be featured entertainment at the Indy 500.

  • Erinina Marie Ness is a professional Austin and New York based performance artist. Her specialties include static trapeze, dancetrapeze, silks and burlesque trapeze. Think Cirque combined with Performance Art, Burlesque and Teatro Fisico, occasionally combined with Fire or Video Projection. She brings a strong background in physical theatre and movement to her work, creating quirky characters and stories, often with multimedia components. For an example of the diversity of her acts, she is currently working on a one woman multimedia (including aerials) show about Occupy Wall Street, a Robot to Cyborg aerial striptease, and expanding her Charlie Chaplin on aerials repertoire.

  • Matt Roben is a performer with experience in a vast array of disciplines: A professional actor and circus performer who is a physical comedian, acrobatic bicyclist, musician and balancer of, well, oddness.