Individual Artist

  • Emma Steinert is a student at Esh Aerial Arts MA and Aircraft Aerial Arts MA. She is also a part of the youth troop at Diamond Family Circus. During the summer I attend Circus Smirkus Camp.

  • Amanda Goble is a performing artist offering aerial and ground performance, instruction, choreography, and consultation.

  • Arik is a circus performer who has performed with a variety of troupes including Cirque du K, Circus Mojo, Environmental Encroachment, Dr. Degauss’ Circus Calamitus and Ballyhoo Bizarre, The Salida Circus, and Hathor’s Flame.

  • Tara Quinn’s body bending aerial art feeds on the thrill, fantasy, and imagination in life and the innate beauty in the shapes, patterns and rhythms of movement. She invites you to let go of preconceived limits and stretch past the usual boundaries trusting a strength and light from within to hold you steady.

  • Born in Riga (Latvia), Katrina Asfardi discovered her passion for dancing and gymnastics when she was 12 years old. Soon after, she joined various dance and gymnastic schools and studios. She even joined Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) national team. In 2008 she discovered the circus world and fell in love with it. Since 2009 Katrina has worked with international circus artists, production companies, as she continues to improve her acts with new creative ideas! Nowadays Katrina resides in Switzerland and works all over the world! Since 2011 Katrina has been working with Canadian artist, Kai Leclerc, in their show called “The World Upside Down.”

  • Kai Leclerc is Canadian born and was raised in Milan, Italy. Kai is also known as a Ceiling Walker. He developed the almost unknown discipline in the circus world called Upside Down Walk which he has performed around the world.