• Aerial Acrobat Entertainment (AAE), founded by Guinevere DiPiazza is an innovative and creative cirque entertainment company that provides luxurious aerial, ground and specialty acts to create a one of a kind experience for you and your guests.

  • Svindelic Cyr Wheel Troupe is a performance group specializing in the art of the roue cyr. Svindelic Cyr Wheel Academy New York offers group and private instruction in the art of the Cyr Wheel.

  • When in the Bay Area, our artists and educators at Circus of Smiles spread comedy and clowning through after school programs and by bringing circus to large scale events. A percentage of each student’s tuition goes directly towards supporting our outreach efforts. When abroad, our team offers international classes and performances at no cost to those who need smiles the most.

  • Aerial dance PC started September 2013.  I offer classes for just about everyone including Mommy and Me, Little Aerialist, Cirque Conditioning and Aerial 101. We also offer aerial performance for special events, corporate  parties which include aerial champagne pouring, weddings, and much more on a 25 foot rig.

  • Paper Doll Militia’s innovative approach to choreography and poignant use of theatricality have gained the company the reputation of being pioneers in original aerial theatre.  Their pieces seamlessly weave dynamic physicality, aerial arts, and visual theatre.  They emphasize the mixture of modern and vintage mediums as well as invented aerial apparatus to create their signature aesthetic; dreamy, whimsical, and dark.

  • Spokane Aerial Performance Arts is providing Spokane with an exciting form of contemporary circus and aerial arts.  Combining the beauty of dance with the excitement of flight and the fascination of the circus, our students learn how to move their bodies through space in ways never imagined while developing core strength and flexibility.