• Sweet Can Productions presents the circus performer as a human being, accessible to everyone, and uses the performer’s circus skills to make connections by demonstrating the shared emotional experiences that unite us all. Its mission is to create intimate, heartfelt performances in which the audience and performer easily connect with one another.

  • Circus Flora is a Theater Company, specializing in one-ring circus production, based on the focused energy of traditional circus arts, and showcasing the working partnership of humans and animals. It is our goal to create a truly American Classical Circus, with a narrative that engages audience members personally and emotionally.

  • TigerLion Arts is a Minneapolis-based production company. We celebrate human wisdom and the spirit of nature through creative works that awaken, inform, and delight.

  • Fly-By-Night Dance Theater is a Modern Dance company that features the repertory of Artistic Director Julie Ludwick. The company and Ms. Ludwick specialize in a combination of Modern Dance and Aerial Dance.

  • The School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts (SANCA) believes that participation in a regular activity is an important component of human development. Mastery of physical skills builds self- esteem, while consistent interaction with staff and other students fosters cooperation, trust and develops social skills.