• When in the Bay Area, our artists and educators at Circus of Smiles spread comedy and clowning through after school programs and by bringing circus to large scale events. A percentage of each student’s tuition goes directly towards supporting our outreach efforts. When abroad, our team offers international classes and performances at no cost to those who need smiles the most.

  • Master teacher, Sigfrido Aguilar founded the Research Studio of Pantomime Theater in 1972. His distinct method for creating physical theater, Pantomime-Theatre, is a playful, organic process. Each individual performer can integrate it with their own experience, achieving a unique comic sense and style.

  • Mick Holsbeke is a clown with a ferocious appetite for the ridiculous! His circus expertise, exuberant physical acting, and new perspective on clowning was developed at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle, and further deepened in the three year professional program at the prestigious l’École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal.

  • Movement Theater Studio is the first Lecoq-based actor’s studio in New York and stages year-round workshops in Neutral Mask, Puppetry, Clown and has a special focus on the concept of the Actor as Creator.

  • 500 Clown uses action-based performance, improvisation, and circus arts to tell long-form dramatic stories that catapult the performers into physical and emotional risk.

  • Clowns Ex Machina is a troupe of all women clowns creating gleeful theatre together. Under the direction of Kendall Cornell, Clowns Ex Machina’s ensemble shows unearth a fresh, female twist to the ancient art form of clown, using short vignettes, songs, and madcap dance numbers to examine and invigorate the social assumptions which, when turned on their heads, create humor.