• The Vespertine Circus is a small traveling circus company based out of Oakland, CA. Our focus is narrative theater seamlessly infused with Circus arts, including but not limited to: partner acrobatics, juggling, clowning, cyr-wheel, handstands, and mixed aerial arts. Shows are written more for adults, but are appropriate for children and have seen great success with family audiences.

  • The Vulcan is a cluster of seven live-in circus studios located in an old smelting plant in east Oakland, California, USA – just across the water from San Francisco. The Vulcan is home to a rotating population of 20-30 circus artists and possibly the largest cohabitating concentration of circus artists in North America.

  • The Circus Collective of San Diego is a group of circus artists who work together to develop original shows that blur the lines between traditional circus and contemporary theatre.

  • Stefan Haves has worked with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL since 2006 as a Comic Act Designer collaborating within two Creation Teams and has been hired to punch up existing comic acts and character tracks. He is a Casting Partner specializing in Clowns and Characters: North America and a Master Teacher with Cirque Resident Companies and Universities nation-wide.

  • Aerial Revolution Entertainment represents a new and innovative way to push yourself beyond the limit of routine exercise. Conditioning the body for amazing feats of strength, flexibility, and endurance, our classes will re-define the meaning of fitness. Offering classes for the fitness enthusiast as well as professional level circus act training in aerial arts, ground acrobatics, dance, yoga, and street performance.

  • Runway Studios, run by Ryan Mellors and Remy Holwick, is a studio specializing in object manipulation.  We offer courses in modern manipulation and juggling for balls, rings, hoops, and more, as well as provide training space to the LA area.