• Welcome to House of Cirque, Phoenix’s downtown connection for circus, arts, and entertainment. Join our community to explore your sense of wonder, have adventures, build confidence and trust, and develop skills to amaze. From enthusiasts to experienced performers, everyone is welcome at House of Cirque.

  • The GasLight Circus is an urban circus troupe based in Phoenix dedicated to revitalizing and innovating Vaudeville performance in Arizona while giving back to the local community.

  • We are a school offering recreational circus classes to youth and adults and we are members of ACE/AYCO.

  • Flam Chen has been creating, performing, and touring new circus and fire theater since 1994. We create dazzling public spectacle merging daredevil acrobatics, pyrotechnics and a mastery of light, air and fire. Our interest in community interaction, educational outreach and public ceremony has led us to innovate work that imbues the exhilaration of a symphony, the timeless beauty of opera and the raw physicality of sport.

  • Sugar Beast Circus was established in 2007 by director Geneva Foster Gluck. This project aims to create live performance events which meld dance theater and contemporary circus. Exploring how story telling, cultural phenomena and interdisciplinary research can come together to create highly visual and conceptual contemporary circus.