Our Allies

The power of Circus Now relies on the organizations who support it. Navigate the list of organizations who believe in a diverse and vibrant American circus by using the tag cloud to the right. To see a list of schools, for example, click the “Schools” tag. To see all the Chicago based organizations, click “Chicago.”  Or you can always just use the search bar at the top to search for terms of your choice!

If you’re a circus organization or artist, GO HERE to become an Ally! Show your support by adding your name to our list. Our goal is a national conversation and collaboration. The more support we have, the more work we can do to help the whole community.


  • Distinctive for breadth and synthesis of diverse performance modalities The Carpetbag Brigade creates versatile spectacle-based outdoor performances and intimate indoor self-devised performances.

  • BAM Academy™ is the movement and fitness facility you’ve always wanted but you didn’t know it, yet. What was once a 7500 sq. ft. parkour gymnasium in North Austin, has grown to expand into a second 26,000 sq. ft. South Austin facility suited to fit every mover’s needs. We specialize in FUN based fitness through Parkour, Ballistic Movements, Stunt Training, Dance, Gymnastics, and Circus programs.

  • Circus Place seeks to build community in Hillsborough by providing the opportunity for children and adults to discover, explore and perform unique cirque arts in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • MOTH Poetic Circus is proud to announce the grand opening of the MOTH Contemporary Circus Center in the heart of downtown Denver, May 1, 2015! The foundation of our philosophy as a professional circus company is to make art via these four pillars, LEARN, TRAIN, CREATE, PERFORM.

  • Violet and Fortuna are an artistic partnership by Kathleen Livingston (Violet) and Erin Garber-Pearson (Fortuna). Their work uses spoken poetics, sculptural elements, and acrobatics to tell stories inspired by real events combined with tall tales and other fantastics.

  • Birds Eye View Circus is a circus studio in Toledo, Ohio that teaches aerial acrobatics, partner acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking and more to both youth and adults.