Katheryn has been a dancer all her life and someone once invited her to try acro balance, and she fell in love with it! She was enthralled with the feeling of being so in control of her body but at the same time so trusting someone else to fly her in the air and keep her safe. She training cyr wheel and standing hand to hand. Her favorite circus work is partner acrobatics, hand balancing, Cyr wheel, and any circus art that integrates dance aesthetics and quality. Outside of circus, she enjoys cooking and snowboarding.

Katheryn hopes for a unified circus community in Seattle and across the country. She envisions schools, performing companies and individuals working together to create more opportunities for everyone. She is striving to make the circus arts more visible in the performing arts scene in Seattle, thus making it possible to garner support for funds to create outreach programs, education opportunities, and more performances for students and professionals alike.